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Thank you all for everything you have done! We have done it! We are working hard to get the incentives to everyone as soon as possible. We cannot express how much this means to us. Your support is very special to us and we will be updating you very frequently on the status of this project. Please reach us if you have any issues at all! We’ll be in contact soon! -Z&L

A dream coming to life. It’s one thing to be able to write music and to have it interpreted by a great set of musicians, but to write for the group that is bringing it to life is another dimension! That is what “Completion of Proof” is about. Music written directly for these masters, our mentors! Composing with each musician in mind, intensifies and transforms this musical experience into an extraordinary one. This original music is reminiscent of Art Blakey, Horace Silver, John Coltrane Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderly and all of the great bands that effected history with their immortal sound. This bands unique sound will blow you away, as they swing on all different levels and leave you craving to experience it live!
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