Thought I might tell you about my amazing experience at the Detroit Jazz Festival this year!

I ran into so many incredible musicians and friends it’s going to be hard to recall them all, but i will try.

When I first got to the hotel, Brian Lynch was already conducting the jam session in the lobby… I was so tired but I wasn’t going to miss hanging this time.  Right away I saw Roland Guerrero, Arturo O’farrill, Vince Cherico, John Patitucci, Linda Oh, Mimi Jones,  Donny McCaslin, Cocoran Holt, Jim Seeley, and so many more killin musicians.

I had a great time talking and hanging with my old teachers Jerry Bergonzi and Dave Santoro. Eventually started disscussing topics from Jazz to ufos…. loved it!

Also my Hartford connects were there! Dezron Douglas and Eric McPherson! Had a greaet time hanging with them and was introduced to Jason Linder, who I knew looked familiar from small house party I went to a while back.

It was great to see Brian Lynch and Jerry Gonzalez there…. along with Russ Musto, these guys are some of my favorite people! Saw Shamie and Rudy Royston but not Tia Fuller…yet… I saw her for a second on the plane heading back to NJ.

Etienne Charles was there and we got a chance to hang and talk like we do at Zinc Bar all the time. He’s definitely one of the kings of “hang”

Also shout out to the radio crew from ATL. Got a chance to hang and talk to them… hopefull we can get the Curtis Brothers out there soon!

Skip Norris was there and i dropped him a copy of the Completion of Proof CD.

Brian Pace from the Pace Report was there covering the event and also Shannon Effinger was there from Revive Music Group and Downbeat! We got a chance to hang as well before the show and grab some food at one of the few open restaurants in Detroit that memorial day weekend.

I was so happy to hang for a short while with my old teacher Danilo Perez. His children are getting so big. He had some great pictures to show us. Its a shame i couldnt hear him play with the Wayne Shorter band because there performed earlier in the day…..damn!

One of the Litchfield Jazz festival cats was there. Danny Janklow. haven’t seen him in a look ass time! He sounded killin!

also MELA! got a chance to play with him and Lew Tabackin! Mela gave me one of my first gigs in Boston at Wally’s! Learned a lot from that great musician and person. I miss him!

Also I saw Jordy from DL media for a quick second! and a hundred more people that I cant think of at the moment! Sorry if I missed you!

I got a chance to see Kenny Garrett, Joe Lovano, and Terrance Blanchard but i didn’t get to meet them or say hi.

The concerts were off the charts! I got to see Kenny Garrett, The Jerry Gonzalez Quartet, Preservation Hall and then i got sick off some Thai food and had to run to the hotel…. we don’t have to talk about that! I missed the Art Blakey Tribute band which was one of the acts I definitely didn’t want to miss!

I think thats about it….

oh yeah, and the Donald Harrison Band featuring Christian Scott killed it!