So i was looking through my computer and found this PDF.

Dancin’ Dave Productions!

It’s from when I performed in Hawaii with the group “Waitiki”











One of my favorite groups and oldest groups I’ve been apart of. The leader of the band (Randy Wong) and I asked me to  be in his band back in Boston MA while we were at New England Conservatory. I still remember the 1st gig I did with them in the Keller Room! We also did a gig at Tufts University as well! At that time the band was called “The Mongooses.”

Did you know there are no snakes in Hawaii??!! Just wanted to throw that in there! The Mongooses were brought in from India to go after the rats!

Later, Randy put the group back together and called it “The Waitiki 7!”

We recorded some CDs, went on tour all over the US and Hawaii    …and i’ll be back there next October!  This 2012 the Curtis Brothers will be out there making some music in Hawaii and at the same time so will Waitiki.

and check out the music at

When you get a chance check pick up the CDs Adventures in Paradise and New Sounds of Exotica

I love playing with this band and I’m sure you will love the music!

and just in case you are interested…. according to Godlikeproductions….The end of the world might be October 28th not December 21st!

AAANNNDDDD…. on the site, user: 1234567890abc asks; “i live in hawaii! will it be safe there?” and user: Drake Pendragon so knowledgeably replies… “123: Hawaii will NOT be a safe location during the pole shift. When the earth tilts during the pole shift, ALL water on the planet will shift from the southwest to the northeast, if you are viewing the planet from space and looking at the Western Hemisphere. The Pole Shit will occur at NOON Jerusalem time; on pole shift day. :grin:

Hawaii will be TOTALLY inundated. Everything will be washed away. Respond accordingly, or ride your sufboard to the West Coast or Nirvana, whichever comes first.”

That is totally depressing…. Well… If your out there then… hope to see you!  peace -Z